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Exceptional swimming pool service or pool maintenance starts with educated, experienced and certified pool and spa operators. We have years of experience, provide consistent, reliable service and can respond today.

The Grande Difference:

  • Professional Appearance

  • Quick Response, Quick Resolution

  • Clear Communication

  • Expert Advice

  • Text Notification After Service

  • Emailed Billing / On Line Payment

Expert Advice and Technical KnowleDge

Caring For My New Pool

Caring For My New Pool

Salt Cell - No Flow, Low Salt

Sand Filter - Cloudy Water, Backwashing


Primary Residence or Rental Property

Our standard weekly pool cleaning service starts at $140 a month for pools with less than 10,000 gallons and includes the following weekly services: 

  • Check and adjust water level
  • Brushing of tile line, steps, walls and floor
  • Skimming the pool
  • Professional testing of Pool water
  • Chemical treatment to balance Pool water
  • Vacuuming of Pool
  • Cleaning of baskets
  • Backwashing or cleaning filters
  • Visual inspection of drain cover, pool pump, timer and filter gauge

Owners will receive a text containing pictures of the pool after each service. This assures you that service has been performed, results of our service and when we left your property.

first time pool Owner?

Call us today to schedule a pool school session. We will walk you through all of your pool equipment, show you how to operate your equipment, advise you on testing equipment to purchase, show you how to test your water, apply chemicals and properly clean your pool and filter. We also offer a startup package that includes a testing kit and pool chemicals to get you through your first month.

Example of how our Pool School Client turned his green pool blue

Grande Pool Services - Clients

Pool Cleaning Services can be customized to fit your needs.  


Consider the convenience of adding our:

POA or HOA Pool Service

We understand that associations can be under tight budget constraints. You'll have to make hard decisions on whether to hire a professional pool company or hire an employee to maintain the pool.  We are willing to work with you to establish a service plan that meets your budget obligations and exceeds your owner's expectations. The association pool can be a major reason people live in your development.  No one ever complains about the pool being too clean.  They only complain when service is lacking. 

Our optional service packages can include:

  • Pool water testing, balancing, cleaning and maintenance
  • Blow off pool deck
  • Cleaning of Rest Rooms
  • Trash Removal
  • Pressure Washing
  • Replenish toilet paper, soap and paper towels