Something is growing in your pool.  Your water is turning cloudy.  It's time to shock it. 

Shocking your pool is a process of elevating your chlorine to high levels.  Shocking can be more of a process than an event if it's not done early enough.  If your pool is turning cloudy and green you'll need to act fast.  


Tips for shocking chlorinated pools:

  • Test your water using a professional test kit and record your results 
  • Adjust Ph levels first (Chlorine can be more effective at lower Ph levels)
  • Shock your pool at dusk to avoid chlorine loss due to direct sunlight
  • Brush, brush and then brush some more 
  • Let your filtration system run over night
  • Test your water again in the morning and compare the results. If your chlorine levels have diminished throughout the night, increase chlorine immediately. 
  • Continue the process until your chlorine levels remain constant from night to morning

Remember... No swimming in the pool during the shocking process. 

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We can take your pool from Green to Clean quickly.